Lift Privileges

All Mt. Rose Employees Receive FREE Skiing & Snowboarding Privileges

If you are a returning employee this season, you will have had to work a minimum of 30 shifts (an average of once a week) during the previous season to qualify for dependent lift privileges.

Eligible employees may choose between one guest pass –OR– three single-day lift ticket vouchers, in addition to passes for their kids ages 26 and under (if applicable).

Complete the Employee/ Volunteer Dependent Lift Privileges form to designate your dependent(s).  Each of your designated dependents must also complete the Season Pass Agreement form.

Season Passes Void Dates
(Employee & Dependents)

Dec 26-30, Jan 15 & 16, Feb 19 & 20

The Process

– Fill out the required form:

21-22 Dependent Pass Form

* Each dependent needs to fill out the Season Pass Agreement form, which is available here. The form can also be found at the self-entry kiosk on the main level. 

*The dependent pass perks can be found here

PLEASE NOTE… Lift ticket vouchers and/ or season passes for friends/ family can not be picked up for use until the employee begins working. Please allow up to 3 days for processing.

Same-day requests will NOT be honored.


If you have purchased a Season Pass prior employment at Mt. Rose, you may be eligible for a Season Pass Refund. Please see the form for more information. 

21-22 Pass Refund Request Form

By accepting Ski Privileges, all employees agree to the following conditions:
  • NON TRANSFERABLE: Season Passes are not transferable, not to family members or friends—no exceptions. Use of a pass by any person other than the named owner/pass holder shall void the pass and result in the immediate loss of all lift and skiing/snowboarding privileges without compensation, and the Sheriff will be called to prosecute the person using your pass for fraud.
  • KNOW THE CODE: Familiarize yourself and your family with The Responsibility Code and abide by its contents.
  • DO NOT DUCK THE ROPE: Ski Patrol puts up boundary lines and designates closed areas for your safety. Skiing in a closed area will result in the loss of your pass for up to 3 years.
  • WEAR YOUR PASS: Your Season Pass gives you area access to both the slopes and lifts at Mt. Rose. Carry your Season Pass at all times at Mt. Rose and have it visible for quick inspection each lift ride, or when asked.
  • LOST PASS: Lost passes need to be reported to the Human Resources Office immediately. Replacement passes are $5.00.
  • FORGOT PASS: If you forget your pass, please see Human Resources.
  • THEFT: Theft of any kind, whether from the resort or another guest, will result in the banishment from the area for life. Season pass privileges for the employee/ volunteer and approved dependents will cease at the time of the employee or volunteer’s termination of employment. Any misuse of this employee privilege including, but not limited to, sale of tickets or pass(es), may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment. Free skiing/ snowboarding is not covered by Workers’ Compensation. The Season Pass holder acknowledges under Washoe County Code section 50.245 a skier/snowboarder assumes the risk of any injury to person or property resulting from the inherent dangers and risks of skiing/snowboarding, which are reasonably obvious, expected, or necessary. “Inherent risks of skiing/snowboarding” include, but are not limited to, those dangers or conditions which are an integral part of the sport of skiing/snowboarding, whether natural, man-made or man modified, including, but not limited to, changing weather conditions, variation in the steepness of the terrain, snow or ice conditions, surface or sub-surface conditions, bare spots, creeks, gullies, forest growth or rocks, collision with other skiers/snowboarders and obstacles and a ticket holder’s failure to ski/snowboard within the value ticket holder’s own ability. This pass may be revoked at any time for the misconduct, or nuisance caused by the holder.
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