Uniforms & Appearance

Employee Badge

All employees will be issued an employee badge once all required training are complete. Your badge shows your employee number, which is needed for clocking in and out. It also entitles you to lift access and other privileges and discounts offered by Mt. Rose. Please have your employee badge in your possession at all times while on company property. If you should lose your employee badge a replacement can be obtained through the Human Resources department. This pass remains the property of Mt. Rose and must be surrendered upon demand or termination.

Uniform & Headwear

Mt. Rose has established a uniform program designed to create a consistent and identifiable look for employees. All employees will be issued a uniform, as it is important that you are easily recognizable to our guests. Uniforms will vary depending on the nature and the location of your position. All issued uniform components will clearly identify you as an Mt. Rose employee when worn appropriately. Uniforms are to be worn on duty only and to and from work as necessary. Employees are required to remove any issued jackets, fleece wear or shirts before free riding, going to the bar, or participating in other personal activities on or off Mt. Rose property. Uniform jackets, fleece wear, shirts, or nametags are not permitted in Timbers or Sky Bar, or while smoking or using tobacco products. Wearing uniform jackets inside out is not permitted as an option for being off the clock. This includes smoke breaks and skiing in the Chutes.

Some employees may prefer to wear a long-sleeve layer underneath their short sleeve uniform shirt. In this case, ONLY BLACK UNDER LAYERS ARE PERMITTED. High necks (turtle necks) OK to wear (no inappropriate logos (including other resort logos.)

Employees working outdoors will need to provide their own black pants. These pants must be solid black in nature, full length, and regular size: no baggy or large sizes. Indoor employees are encouraged to wear black, navy, or khaki colored pants. Jeans are permitted as long as they are not overly faded. All clothing must be clean and free of holes, racing stripes, bleach stains or patches. Sweat pants and shorts are not permitted in season. All designated, issued uniforms are to be returned at the end of employment and employees are responsible for the cost of any lost or unreturned items. 

All management staff will work together to ensure that employees are within the proper uniform policy guidelines. Keep in mind if you are out of uniform while on duty or are otherwise appearing improperly you will be subject to disciplinary action from any member of our management team. Failure to comply with the guidelines of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Some select indoor staff working in colder areas will be issued a blue fleece. This uniform item is issued and tracked just like a uniform jacket – it remains company property and must be returned in good condition at the end of the season.

Dress, grooming and personal cleanliness standards contribute to the morale of all employees and affect the business image Mt. Rose presents to customers and visitors.

During business hours or when representing Mt. Rose all employees are expected to present an overall uniformed appearance. You should dress and groom yourself according to the requirements of your position and follow all company guidelines. This is particularly true if your job involves in-person contact with customers or visitors.

The following appearance standards must be maintained during your employment period: Personal clothing must be clean and wrinkle-free at the beginning of your shift and free of tears, holes, or patches. Please see your supervisor regarding color and style requirements for your specific department.

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Extreme facial jewelry such as eyebrow rings/pins, lip rings, and nose rings are not professionally appropriate and must be removed during work. If you are working near moving equipment or in foodservice, additional restrictions may be present for jewelry. Your hair must be clean and well-groomed at all times. Extreme hairstyles may need to be approved by management or covered with a hat. Long hair will always be pulled back when working near moving equipment and specified areas in the food and beverage department. Established facial hair at this time is permitted providing it is trimmed within 1/4 inch of the face. No in-season growing is allowed. Anytime you are on the clock you will be required to wear your company-issued uniform. This includes all issued components such as jackets, pants, ball caps, knit hats, and name tags. Bring your smile with you every day and wear it proudly.


right-way-to-wear-hat-2924a0f2Name Tags

Be sure to wear yours at all times when at work. Only correct names are permitted on nametags.

If you lose your nametag, notify HR to issue you a replacement.

Please wear your nametag correctly – it should be placed on your chest opposite the Mt. Rose Logo…


  • Not Wearing a Nametag
  • Wrong Name (or wearing someone else’s nametag)
  • Upside down
  • On a Hat
  • On a Lanyard
  • Blinged out
  • Stickers or graffiti additions
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