BE SAFE – Workplace Safety

The purpose of this program is to serve as a guideline for general safety practices and procedures that can apply to your employment at Mt. Rose. When you are trained for your specific job you will receive additional information on safe work practices and the proper operation of tools, equipment, and machinery in your work area. During your training ask questions about any aspect of your work that you do not understand. In addition to initial training, your department will hold regularly scheduled safety meetings and inspections to address ongoing safety issues.

We encourage your participation and suggestions. Additionally, this safety program is designed to reduce injuries, accidents, and property damage. Your safety and the safety of our guests is our primary concern. We strive to maintain the highest standards and the safest work environment possible. This program requires employees to act safe, know their job, and know the proper procedures for minimizing and correcting unsafe working conditions and to help maintain an accident-free environment. The urgency of any task or project cannot and will not be at the sacrifice of your safety and welfare.

Mt. Rose is committed to providing the resources and tools necessary to the job, keeping safety at the highest priority.

One of the most common workplace injuries are slips and falls

Walking safety on ice and snow

  • Extend your arms out to your sides to maintain balance. Beware if you are carrying a heavy backpack or overload — your sense of balance will be off.
  • If you must carry a load, try not to carry too much; leave your hands and arms free to balance yourself.
  • Keep your hands out of your pockets. Hands in your pockets while walking decreases your center of gravity and balance. You can help break your fall with your hands-free if you do start to slip.
  • Watch where you are stepping and GO S-L-O-W-L-Y !! This will help your reaction time to changes in traction.
  • When walking on steps, always use the hand railings and plant your feet firmly on each step.
  • Use special care when entering and exiting vehicles; use the vehicle for support.
  • Use extra care when getting in and out of vehicles; parking lots are particularly difficult to maintain between parked vehicles.
  • Walk on designated walkways
  • Walk like a Penguin. Point your feet out slightly like a penguin! Spreading your feet out slightly while walking on ice increases your center of gravity.
  • Bend slightly and walk flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over the feet as much as possible.

Do the Penguin Walk!

  • Bend slightly and walk flat-footed
  • Point your feet out slightly like a penguin
  • Keep your center of gravity over your feet as much as possible
  • Watch where you are stepping
  • Take shorter, shuffle-like steps
  • Keep your arms at your sides (not in your pockets!)
  • Concentrate on keeping your balance
  • Go S-L-O-W-L-Y
Puiguin walk graphic
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